Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

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Are you thinking of adding some highlights to your light brownhair? Or perhaps you’re choosing a brand new color and cut and are considering light brown hair with blonde highlights. Well then you’re i the right place because today we are exploring 20 gorgeous brown hair with highlight ideas for inspiration for your next style.

Do you have natural light brown hair? Then adding highlights is easy! You can go into a salon for a professional look or try to tackle it at home with some Youtube school. 😉 Light brown hair highlights really well and sometimes doesn’t even get brassy.

If light brown is a new color for you then you have an extra step to get to that base color and highlights can turn out less predictably. Best to see your fave stylist in that case, unless you are at least an intermediate-level hair stylist.

Highlights can be added in a variety of shades and looks. Chunky highlights, baby lights, money pieces, and highlighting just the crown to name a few. If doing them at home don’t forget your toner… it makes a world of difference. I went way too many years not knowing about toner!

In this post I’ll be sharing all different lengths and styles of short brown hair with blonde highlights for inspiration for your next cut and color!

Short Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium Length Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Long Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

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