Home Coffee Bar Ideas: How to Style It

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to start the day on the right foot. As coffee lovers, we all know that a delicious cup of Joe can turn any day around. But what if we told you that coffee could be more than just a drink? With a little creativity and some clever styling, your at home coffee bar can become a focal point of your home, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your daily routine. In this post, I’ll share five awesome ways you can style your at-home coffee bar to make it a true focal point of your home. You will also get photo inspiration and lots of home coffee bar ideas to recreate and set up your own special space.

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at home coffee bar ideas

At Home Coffee Bar Ideas

at home coffee bar styling ideas boho aesthetic

Not only will I share photos of coffee bar ideas to give you inspiration on how to set up your sacred space (ok so maybe it’s not SACRED… but it feels like it to me!) but I’ll also give you my 5 best tips for how to start setting up your space.

Whether you have a small space like an apartment or a huge kitchen where you can buy a whole new piece of furniture, you will find some inspiration here.

Your coffee bar can just be a designated space on your counter, can be on a separate piece of furniture designated for your coffee bar, or you can upcycle an old piece of furniture to create a really special and unique coffee bar like these fantastic ones you can buy or get inspired by.

5 Coffee Bar Styling Ideas: 1. Show off your coffee maker

at home coffee bar styling ideas farmhouse style

Your coffee maker is the heart of your at-home coffee bar, so it’s essential to show it off. Whether you have a sleek, modern machine, a classic French press, or just a traditional coffee maker (or maybe a couple of choices) make it or them focal point by giving them pride of place on a shelf or countertop. You can even add some greenery or colorful flowers around it to create a natural, relaxed vibe.

2. Get creative with your mug display

at home coffee bar styling ideas boho aesthetic

Mugs are some of the most fun items to collect, they make me seriously happy. My mug collection is mismatched and makes me smile every morning as I pick out a message or vibe that fits my mood.

Plus, they’re an essential part of any coffee bar. Display them on an open shelf, us mug hooks or use a mug tree to showcase your collection. If you want to add some color and style, playful, cheeky, and humorous mugs are always a hit.

Mix and match colors, styles, sizes, and patterns to add depth and personality to your coffee bar design. Or if you like a really sleek look it’s ok if you want them all to match too.

3. Add some ambiance to your at home coffee bar with lighting

at home coffee bar styling ideas bright white

Want your coffee bar aesthetic to really be shown off? There’s nothing like the warm glow of a lamp to create a cozy ambiance at home, so why not do the same for your coffee bar?

Add some under-cabinet lighting or even a special candle or two to give your home café a luxurious touch. Warmer lights create a homey vibe and are better for popping on in early morning when you brew up your first cup of joe.

4. Organize your coffee ingredients

at home coffee bar styling ideas

A well-organized space will always look much neater and more inviting. Keep your syrups, sugars, stirrers, and other coffee ingredients within reach with elegant jars or containers.

Keep them stylish with labels that match your home décor. These glass coffee bar jars are perfect for your favorite additions whether that be sugar, cinnamon, or marshmallows. These black coffee bar jars are also super stylish and can fit with any aesthetic you choose for your coffee bar.

5. Choose the perfect complementary furnishings when styling your coffee bar

The whole vibe of a coffee bar or coffee station is that it’s more than just your coffee pot and grounds sitting on the counter. Choose a style that represents you and decorate your designated at home coffee station with that aesthetic.

Add in some farmhouse signs that say “Rise and Shine It’s Coffee Time” or a rooster or hen figurine or windmill picture.

at home coffee bar styling ideas farmhouse

Maybe you want a boho vibe. Then add in a live plant and some macrame hangers. The more coffee supplies showing, the better.

at home coffee bar styling ideas boho aesthetic

If you like a really clean or modern look consider adding in some green (the on trend kitchen color). You can even add it with peel and stick paper so you can change your vibe whenever you want.

at home coffee bar styling ideas small space

You can just choose a special corner in your kitchen to pile up all the coffee goodies. If coffee in the morning gives you happy vibes like me, this doesn’t feel like clutter. It’s a glorification of your happy place.

at home coffee bar styling ideas modern aesthetic

Let your at home coffee bar bring you joy, help you wake up on the right foot, and give you the energy to take on the day.

at home coffee bar styling ideas boho aesthetic

Wrapping Up Styling Your Home Coffee Bar Station

Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker or just enjoy sipping coffee every now and then, having an at-home coffee bar is a total must. By adding some creativity and warmth to your design, you’ll create the perfect spot to relax and start your morning on the right foot. Utilize the tips above, and you’ll find that your coffee bar will become a true focal point of your home that is more than just a place to make coffee but an experience.

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