Christmas Tree Ideas for Xmas

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Are your ready to decorate your tree for the season but not sure how to go about it this year? Let this post be your inspiration for the perfect Christmas tree ideas when choosing your theme this year. Here you will find over 30 Xmas tree ideas ranging from different color schemes, to more classic decor, to decorating your tree for other holidays… whether you want to keep your tree up or just want a creative and unique tree this year featuring decor from another favorite holiday. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your Christmas tree, as long as it brings you joy.

Unique Xmas Tree Ideas

You know how we’re always on the lookout for cool ways to spruce up our holiday decorations? Well, I’ve been thinking, why not shake things up a bit with our Xmas tree this year?

I’ve been browsing around and let me tell you, there are some seriously awesome Xmas tree ideas out there that are anything but ordinary. From quirky themes to using totally unexpected colors, the options are endless!

I figure, why stick to the same old routine when we could have a tree that’s totally unique and reflects our style? So, what do you say we dive into some of these fun and funky Christmas tree ideas and make this holiday season one to remember?

31 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Let’s start with some beautiful more traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Green trees, heavy on the red ornaments and ribbons, and a gold star on top. There is nothing wrong with bringing out classic feeling Christmas tree decorations this year.

You may be torn between an overdone decked out tree or a more subtle less cluttered feeling tree. Either Xmas tree idea can turn out great.

The easiest way to make a classy and classic tree is with a red and white theme. Silver or sparkles can pair with the white as well.

A classy red and white Christmas tree theme looks great at night. The more lights and sparkles in your xmas tree decor, the better.

This is how a red, silver, and gold theme that is done subtly looks.

You can still do a classically designed Christmas tree idea with a slightly broader color scheme like this one that adds in some blue and yellow as well. This type of Christmas tree decor looks great with rainbow lights.

Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Whether you are decorating a beach house, really love the color blue, or are just looking for a unique Xmas tree idea this year… why not try a blue tree?

Blue Xmas tree decor looks great on flocked trees and also looks great with white or silver as an accent color. Take inspiration from these gorgeous blue Xmas tree ideas that make me think of a cool summer at the beach.

Holiday Themed Xmas Tree Ideas

What if you absolutely LOVE having your Christmas tree up longer than a couple weeks? Consider having it up through fall as well and decorating it for Thanksgiving and/or Halloween.

Or if you really adore fall, you can keep your fall-themed tree right on through Christmas for a really fun and unique idea.

I also found ideas for a spring or Easter Christmas tree, Valentine’s tree, and more holiday designs that are so unique they are sure to inspire your creativity this year.

A Few More Unique Xmas Tree Ideas

Just in case none of these unique designs spoke to you… let’s check out a few more color combinations. Clean white trees, purple, etc.

Here’s where you will find white themed trees, silver and gold, and more.

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